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Dr. Gardiner has been in practice since 1996, and is a Certified Sacro-occipital technique Practitioner (CSP). He received his bachelor of Science degree from Northeastern University, and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University. His first year of practice was spent in Lima, Peru, returning to Boston for three years before moving to New York City in 2001, where he has been happily practicing and living since. Proudly, and gratefully, Dr. Gardiner's practice has been built almost exclusively from referrals of a satisfied clientele.

SOT is a comprehensive and advanced chiropractic technique, which uses specific analysis to understand not only the current primary problem, but the body’s distortion and compensation patterns that has influenced its current state. Structural, orthopedic and neurological indicators are used to identify these patterns. The findings of this analysis will be explained before any adjustment is made. The corrective procedures are often a combination of gentle joint mobilization, soft tissue release and neuromuscular rebalancing, with the ultimate goal of reducing stress to the nerve system. And because the nerve system controls and regulates all other functions of the body, it will help one’s over all function and health.